How Often Should You Post On Social Media? Looking at Quantity vs Quality

Quantity vs quality - which one is more important in a social media posting context? I know that a lot of people are wondering: should I post as much as I can on social media or should I worry about the quality, but not post as much.

My number one priority is always to have the quality dialed in before scaling and worrying about flooding people’s news feed with more content. You have to remember, exposure can be good, but it can equally be detrimental. If you share valuable content, the exposure that you get will fuel the growth of your page and you’ll build positive brand awareness. On the flip side, if bring attention to bland, uninteresting content, it will have the opposite effect. People won’t be incentivized to follow or if they are already following, they will eventually unfollow/unsubscribe because your content doesn’t bring the quality/value needed. 

So number one is to worry about quality. Now, you might be wondering how many times should I post a week? The answer is: there is no clear answer. The posting frequency needed depends on the social platform and the context of your brand. At our agency, we work with local businesses such as restaurants. We’ve found that posting from 4-6 times a week is the optimal range for this type of business. For dental offices that we work with, we’ve found that posting 2-4 times a week is optimal for page growth. That said, our personal page on Instagram, which is a quote page, posts as much as 5 times a day. Your posting frequency should be relative to the value that you’re providing to your audience. If you can balance out straight asks/salesly posts with entertaining/educating/motivational, you’ll be in a better place to increase your frequency of posting. What you don’t want to do is: increase the frequency while only asking for more. If you can give more, you can post more. 

So my advice would be to start small for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Snapchat. Do 2-4 posts a week (right hooks vs jabs) and see how your audience responds. For YouTube, start posting once every week or two. Once you start optimizing your workflow, you can post more content. If you see that you can bring more value, do it. Post more. That will only give you more leverage and will help you grow your audience. And it’ll set you up for the ask later on. The mistake that most people and businesses do is they treat every post as an ask. Doing that will only alienate your audience and drive them away. So go with as much jabs as you can. That will give you the permission to post much more and grow your audience at a faster rate.

Quick recap: focus on quality first and foremost. Keep a healthy ratio of jabs and right hooks. The more jabs you do, the more likely your audience will be receptive to a higher posting frequency and the faster you will grow. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, start at a smaller posting frequency (2-4 times a week),  for YouTube, start posting once every week or two and scale up from there.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Whether you agree or disagree, we'd love to hear your take on this topic.